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Always Learning Rhode Island is to support and advance learning for Rhode Island youth by augmenting the 180 days of the traditional school schedule to provide opportunities for year-round out-of-school learning in homes and in the community.  

The Vision

Always Learning Rhode Island is that Rhode Island will be a nationally recognized model of public education innovation which, by creating broad public consensus on the importance of out-of-school learning, will assure that Rhode Island’s educational outcomes will be among the very best in the nation by 2030.

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Always Learning Rhode Island is always accepting new opportunities to pair and work with educational providers for Rhode Islands Youth. By partnering with Always Learning Rhode Island, you will have guaranteed exposure to our network of in-school and out of school educational providers. A partnership with us is a commitment to Rhode Island’s educated future, and together we can continue to teach our youth community.

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Measuring Success

Always Learning RI's
Impact Evaluation

Always Learning Rhode Island will be measured by the state’s ability to achieve the 2030 goal of meeting or exceeding Massachusetts’ educational outcomes as measured by RICAS, FAFSA completion, graduation rate, and degree/credential obtainment.


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